5. Leadership

So many managers, so many leadership styles. The fifth clause dictated by the High Level Structure consists of three parts. Leadership and commitment, Politics, Roles. Seriously speaking about leadership styles, it would be interesting to have some resources added to this section about leadership. On the other hand, we should focus on understanding what ISO technical board is expecting us to write or do in these paragraphs.

In an evidence based system, it is important that the high direction, whoever that may be, is able to prove that they are committed to implement the management system. In other words, assure that proper conditions are met for it to function well. For now I will not go into the details of the standard, as this page is merely a placeholder to open discussions on the topic. It depends on the readers of this site were its direction is going.

Perhaps it will simply become a library with resources organised by clause, who knows, it can become a forum for everyone with an opinion or questions about how to implement certain clauses in their management system. I am open to your suggestions!

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  1. Do you want to learn more about leadership styles? According to our common and the never unbiased resource wikipedia we have seven leadership styles, those of the authoritarian-, paternalistic-, democratic, laissez-faire, transactional-, or transformational leader. Which one are you? Read more on //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leadership_style

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