7. Support

Any organisation complying with ISO management system standards must make sure the conditions are adequate to have the management system working as it should. This includes determine who are the persons (7.1.2) needed, what infrastructure (7.1.3) and other conditions (7.1.4) are needed for the organizations processes. Sufficient means have to be available to have traceable measurements and perform monitoring (7.1.5). Also, the persons working in the organisation should be competent (7.2), have knowledge of the management system (7.3) and the communication needs related with the management system have to be determined (7.4).

Clause 7.5 about documented information is interesting, because it does not require documents per sé. Management systems can have digital documented information too as long as it is effective. It is much more likely to have a digital management system synchronized for everyone working in the organization, than a print system.

Documented information can be used to communicate a message, provide evidence of what was
planned has actually been done, or knowledge sharing. 

The definition of documented information can be found ISO 9000 clause 3.8. You can read more about the term in the document Guidance on the requirements for Documented Information of ISO 9001:2015 available for download on iso.org by the technical commission 176, authors of ISO 9001:2015.

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